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About Us


The Hartwater Center for Aesthetic Research and Education (CARE) is one of the nation's leading research and educational institutes, founded with the intention of advancing knowledge in the practice and business of aesthetic medicine.  


Hartwater CARE offers continuing medical education training courses and seminars available to aesthetic practitioners and administrators, ranging from introductory modules to advanced colloquia.

Our Mission

Hartwater CARE was founded with the intention of elevating the level of education in the medical aesthetic space by bringing the most well-respected minds in the industry under one roof and creating a space for learning, collaboration, and advanced research and development.

The founders of Hartwater CARE sought, in particular, to address a common disconnect in the industry between the practice and the business of aesthetics. These two sides of the coin can present major challenges for private medical practices, which must find the delicate harmony of patient care and for-profit medicine. Hartwater CARE bridges that gap by advancing knowledge not just in the practice of medical aesthetics, but also in the art of running an aesthetic practice, from its complex legalities to advanced business strategies. The institute maintains that the furtherment of education in aesthetic practice administration is integral for the overall health of the industry, leading to improvements in standards of medical practice and the quality of patient care.


The Founders

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